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Top 10, Best and worst celebrity adverts 2011 / 2012

Perhaps for some celebrities the money on offer is too good to turn down and maybe others really do believe in the products.

But some celebrity adverts are so bad you wonder why they ever decided to take part.

Campaign magazine today released a 2011 list of the best and worst adverts which left viewers wanting to switch off the set or change the channel.

Formula One driver Jenson Button took the chequered flag for the worst celebrity endorsement after he was filmed removing his clothes in the Head & Shoulders promotion.

Also on the list was the cringe-worthy Venkys chicken advert filmed by the Blackburn Rovers squad before the start of the Premier League season.

The clip, which featured the players tucking into a pre-game treat, went viral on YouTube.

Despite flopping at the Rugby World Cup the England team were at least named 2011 ad champions.

Their O2 advert, where the whole team prepared a fan to watch a match in his living room, beat Lucozade into second place.


Worst Adverts

1. Head & Shoulders: Jenson Button

Topping the poll was racing champion Jenson Button, who flew the flag for the worst advert of the year despite removing his clothes for the shampoo advert.

2. BritBingo: Gavin Henson

Fast behind was rugby ace Gavin Henson’s daring dance advert for a bingo website.

Perhaps the 29-year-old Welsh rugby player was just happy to coin in on some of his Strictly Come Dancing fame in the advert.

3. Eurostar: Jarvis Cocker

Not to be fazed by the common people was Javis Cocker, 48, who came in third place with the Eurostar advert.

The former Pulp singer’s cringe-worthy advert which details trying to think up an Olympic opening ceremony on the train won him a few votes for the worst ad category.

4. Just for Men: Luis Figo

Footballers were high in the Christmas turkey ratings with former Barcelona star Luis Figo, 39, plugging hair colour Just for Men.

The magazine, which puts together the list annually, said his performance ‘makes Tiger Woods’ Gillette ads looks like Academy Award winners.

5. Bernard Matthews: Marco Pierre White and Martin Kemp

Taking the turkey puns to the hilt this advert tried to mimic TV programme The Trip, but ended up being not dry enough for viewers.

6. Flora: Vernon Kay

But for gangly former T4 presenter Vernon Kay and his mother Gladys, it was his utterly unpalatable performance in the Flora advert which made him a surprise polling at number six in Campaign magazine’s list of worst adverts.

7. Venky’s: Blackburn Rovers

These regulation threatened players were shown the red card for their performance in this advert for club owners Venky’s chicken.

Campaign said: ‘The club has put in some bad performances this year but this one was the worst of the lot.’

8. Schweppes: Uma Thurman

 Odd advert for the fizzy drinks giant which somehow managed to coax the world famous Hollywood actress.

9. Diana Vickers

She was a semi finalist on the X Factor set to hit the big time.

But this advert seems off-kilter and definitely has the dull factor. Even including a wink to camera does nothing to spice up the 36 second ad.

10. Isme: Lyna Bellingham

And Oxo mother Lynda Bellingham went from reminding viewers of family Christmases with some perfect gravy granules to putting off a generation of online shoppers in the Isme advert, voted tenth most annoying celebrity ad of the year.

Best Adverts

1. O2: England rugby team

Topping the best celebrity adverts was the England rugby team’s performance in the O2 ad called ‘get up for England’, where the whole team prepared a fan to watch a match in his living room.

Although many would point out it is a shame the team didn’t show that much passion on the pitch.

2. Lucozade: Tinie Tempah plus others

Packed full of musicians this dramatic ad wowed critics which, according to Campaign magazine ‘created a lively ad that brilliantly introduced the energy drink’s new ‘yes’ positioning.’

3.Save the Children: David Beckham plus others

A poignant hard hitting advert which highlighted the charity’s No Child Born To Die campaign which launched in the UK in January 2011 to combat the more than 8 million deaths of children under five from preventable or treatable illnesses such as diarrhoea and pneumonia.

Although it used old footage of David Beckham the advert was still a hit with viewers.

4. Coors Light: Jean Claude Van Damme

‘Yes, I am Van Damme.’

These simple words that kicked off this campaign which showed The Double Impact star experiencing frozen pants, sweaty bears and talkative nipples in series of ads which was welcomed by the beer drinking community.

5. Visa (Phillips Idowu and others)

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi this fast paced advert focuses on the intensity and hard work of the 2012 athletes.

6. Specsavers: Gordon Ramsey

Not a hint of the usually foul mouthed chef in this advert as Gordon Ramsey stays mute.

Perhaps that makes it such a treat as the main character, who mistakes the blonde chef’s kitchen for a sauna, settles down for a relaxing heat treatment only for the steam to clear.

Chef Ramsey’s look of rage is unmistakable as he stabs a sausage.

7. Aviva: Paul Whitehouse

Death and Paul Whitehouse.

A touching advert which deserves its place in the top ten.

Campaign said: ‘The ad sees The Fast Show actor tug at the heartstrings as he watches his family prepare for a holiday following his untimely death.’

8. Kronenbourg 1664: Madness

Second beer advert in the top ten but this slowed down version of cult classic Baggy Trousers.

The advert won an award as part of the ‘slow the pace’ campaign, first it was Motörhead with ‘Ace of Spades’, now it’s Madness with an amazing, slowed down re-arrangement of ‘Baggy Trousers’.

9. Direct Line, Chris Addison and Alexander Armstrong

Mock the Week star Chris Addison has appeared in a series of Direct Line adverts this year – but this one filmed with Alexander Armstrong was the experts’ favourite. The Campaign was run by M&C Saatchi to give the insurers a ‘human face’ after years of using a red old-fashioned telephone.

10. Fosters (Holly Valance)

The former Neighbours star appears alongside Bradley and Daniel in the hilarious advert. Holly asks the men how they get away with dressing so casually for an event.

The singer, who fronts Fosters’ ad campaigns, has said she is a big fan of drinking beer.

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