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eBayer pays $10,200 for iPad 1 with broken touchscreen (but two ‘dock’ ports)

An enthusiastic Apple collector has paid $10,200 on eBay for a first-generation iPad – and the touchscreen does not even work.

However, in fairness to the winning bidder, the tablet computer does have one feature which you will not find anywhere else: Two ‘docking’ ports – one on the bottom, one on the side, which means peripherals can be plugged in on two sides.

It has long been rumoured that Steve Jobs played with the idea of a dual-dock iPad, the main advantage to the concept was that you could use the iPad with accessories in the horizontal position – for example, when plugging a keyboard into the iPad.

With this prototype appearing on eBay – where it was won today after 23 bids – the rumour has been confirmed.

This may prove to be a canny investment in 100 years, when museums of technology try to get hold of it.

Or it may be an expensive paperweight, just a cast-off of an idea that, well, at least did get further than the drawing board.

The seller, aaps69, said of the prototype: ‘This is one of a very small amount of Apple prototype devices and you rarely see these on ebay.

‘This iPad has 16GB capacity, and is incredibly unique. For starters, It has two dock connectors. Apple prototyped these iPads to have this connector late in the process and at the last minute decided to remove them.

‘There are patent drawings and leaked casings that show the indents for both dock connector holes, but this unit has both dock connectors, and both are full functional for charging this iPad and connecting it to your computer.’

He added: ‘This iPad is not only unique in it’s hardware, but it’s running Apple’s software testing suite, called “SwitchBoard” which is used to test the devices functionality.

‘This iPad is fully functional apart from the touch screen, which may or may not be able to be fixed. One of the clips that holds the ribbon down on the digitizer is missing and I do not have one available to replace it with. I do know however, that when I applied pressure to the connector that was missing the clip, the iPad’s digitizer responded sporadically to touches.

‘All parts on this iPad are original prototype parts, except for the battery, which was removed by Apple, and I replaced it with an OEM iPad Battery.

‘Again, be aware this is a one of a kind item, none like this have been listed on ebay before. It comes with no warranty, and is intended as a cool collectors item or if you’re interested in the hardware or software on it.’

Source: Dailymail

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