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Lady Gaga first premier of Applause music video. She still has naked ambition.

She’s worn a multitude of seductive outfits, but Lady Gaga may have never looked so glamorous while dressed in so little.

The 27-year-old pop star donned a glued on half-clamshell bikini – sans straps – with a massive beach blow-out hairdo in her latest music video offering Applause, displaying her incredibly smooth and curvaceous figure.


Although, the confident display, reminiscent of a mermaid but with legs intact, was not the only skimpy outfit for the star – who dons nearly half-a-dozen costumes in the three and-a-half minute video.

The video opens with Gaga – a.k.a. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta – in lacy lingerie gyrating on a mattress on the floor.

The moving montage then quickly flashes between her writhing and a winged version of herself suspended in mid air, all in stark black and white.

She is then seen alternately inside a large soup pot and emerging from a black magician’s hat like a rabbit.


Gaga then assumes various personas, wherein the video bleeds out into colour in surprising moments as she masquerades as the winged creature while a group of dancers writhe and convulse beneath her in a gaudy version of a sweaty nightclub.

But the seemingly stream of consciousness and incongruous video has an explanatory moment when the screen explodes with a multitude of Gagas wearing different expressions.


The schizophrenic display reveals the narrative motif underscoring the visually diverse video, communicating the complexity and variety of the performative masks she wears.

Gaga appears to be saying she is acting at all times, trying on different characters for her various musical arrangements.

In a characteristically odd but revealing moment she wears the make-up of a sad broken clown smearing the thick paint over her face – but then the visually vibrant narrative shows her as a caged woman in thick garish make-up.


The entire display seems to be a not too subtle allusion to the performative personas she dons as a pop star, communicating how it is an art that leaves her overexposed and caged at the same time – with a multitude of identities populating the media with each new song/album she unveils.

The narrative clearly communicates that she is a versatile performer, who only shows her audience what she wants them to see.

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In keeping with the visual arc Gaga then goes topless in leather gear as an unseen figure grasps her breasts to cover her modesty.

As the Poker Face singer’s head is superimposed over the body of a black swan, she reflectively sings about art and pop culture and her place in it as someone who ‘lives for the applause’.

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She then carries a massive bouquet that dwarfs her body, seemingly communicating her out-sized desire for adulation.

The video abruptly ends with her writhing on the bare mattress in lingerie and cutting to her convulsing seductively on the ground in her clamshell mermaid outfit.