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MasterChef Mat Beyer finally evicted


Mat Beyer - Gone.

A month to the day after it was believed he was actually ejected from the show, tonight’s episode of MasterChef will finally see contestant Mat Beyer’s removal from the house.

Beyer, who has been maintaining a successful, if relatively quiet presence in episodes that have gone to air since the story of his eviction broke, is expected to be replaced by this week’s eliminated contestant Billy Law.

The Victorian MasterChef contestant was eliminated after reportedly breaching the show’s rules by using a mobile phone which could be used to access recipes.

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The 24-year-old IT consultant reportedly had the phone for about six weeks before it was discovered.

The details of exactly what Beyer did (and didn’t) do will finally become clear this evening, putting to an end the extensive conspiracy theories, which have abounded regarding the drawn out saga. The fact that both Beyer and fellow (eliminated) contestant Jay Huxley appear to have made posts on their Facebook pages while under embargo from the show’s production company has fuelled the flames.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, Beyer has been kept in a hotel room ever since the scandal, with internet speculation rife over the last month as to whether he would be reinstated to the show at a later date, or used by Ten in some other way.

Beyer, whose twitter account has been deactivated and Facebook page hidden, had also left his food blog,, in hiatus since October last year. However a new post was made on Monday stating simply “coming soon”.

Beyer will be going even sooner though, but it won’t be to New York with the other remaining contestants.

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