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Pics, Lindsay Lohan and her popped out breasts.

She was a classic beauty who oozed sophistication, elegance and grace and poise at all times.

Si it’s hard to imagine Elizabeth Taylor suffering a wardrobe malfunction that would have exposed her modesty – unlike Lindsay Lohan.

The young actress was snapped filming new scenes for her upcoming movie Dick and Liz, in which she plays the late Hollywood star, when her breast popped out of her dress.

Lindsay, 25, was seen on board a boat that had been built to replicate Taylor and Richard Burton’s romantic trip to the Bay of Naples in Italy in 1965.

The pair are playing the star-crossed lovers, who not only married twice but had a turbulent relationship that was the talk of Hollywood for a Lifetime TV movie.

Oops! Lindsay suffers an obvious wardrobe malfunction as she films the arguments scenes with Bowler

Let me fix myself! Lindsay was either in character or shouting at her co-star to let her protect her modesty and sort her dress out

Talk to me! Bowler, as Burton, pleads with Lindsay but she had bigger problems such as keeping her assets under control

But no one would have expected Lindsay to give away more than she intended as she and her Ugly Betty co-star reenacted an argument between the couple on the boat.

Lindsay was seen pulling away from Bowler on the deck but as she turned around to head into a door, her dress stayed where it was but unfortunately her left breast didn’t and it popped out of the neckline.

Take that! Lindsay whacks him with her book

It was soon rectified though and filming continued on the movie, which is due to be broadcast this autumn.

Elizabeth and Richard met while filming Cleopatra in 1962 and began a romance even though Liz was still married to Eddie Fisher  while Burton was wed to Sybil Williams.

And even though this is Lohan’s first lead role since her flop Labor Pains in 2009, everyone appears to be really impressed with her so far.

Executive producer Larry Thompson told Perez Hilton that Lindsay is ‘more than ready’ to start shooting and after their last rehearsal, she went from ‘unfocused’ to being ‘so excited and into it’.

He added to E! News that during the first scenes shot on the yacht, docked at Marina del Rey, the cast was in good spirits.

He said: ‘A little first-day jitters for everyone, but it went well.’

And Lohan’s spokesperson Steve Honig added to the New York Daily News: ‘I was standing there last week for publicity shots and prep when Lindsay and Grant  walked on set for the first time in full makeup and costume, and it took everyone’s breath away.’

Hey down there! Lindsay was either taking a break or filming a party scene as she waved down with a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other

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