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What Does Skiddoo Customer Service Do Behind Your Back?

Holiday trip could be fun and exciting, but planning the trip could be a nightmare, especially when it comes to tight budgeting and fare hunting for the best dollars. Recently, we have received some complains about Skiddoo website and their customer services.

What is Skiddoo, and what do they do?

Skiddoo is an online travel portal that claim to be “Australian owned and operated company with a large selection of discount flights online”. They have a dedicated team in Sydney to assist customers with any travel needs with no international booking fees or credit card fees. Yeah, it’s cheap to book according to their statement on  bargain website:

Skiddoo Statement


The website was launched in late 2011 and have been since running online marketing and travel competitions can be seen on most Facebook shares. Skiddoo, in another meaning – “leave somewhere quickly”. Could that also be how their customer service is like at the company?

A quick question to ask: Is it a worthy website to be spent time on finding cheap tickets that can easily be purchased elsewhere, such as Webjet, Jetabroad, SkyScanner, or are you really fuss about saving pennies from the credit card fees?

One of our fans has recently sent us a message containing an interesting fact when dealing with Skiddoo customer service. Having received a first incorrect flight details (a 7 hours flight listed as 0Hr55Mins flight time) and wrong fare, he made an effort call and to get them to rectify the mistakes. Listed as company that offer cheap fare for travel booking, we would usually be channelling our travel researching experiences for every competitive fares before deciding which website to be their preferred travel agent. Whilst he managed to source a cheaper fare, he then asked Skiddoo to match it. Skiddoo customer representative responded and rejected the matching request. What came to his attention (certainly ours), was the following conversation that was attached in the email:

Skiddoo Customer Service

Rule 1 to 10: Do not leave your message trail in your e-mail when you are to respond to your customers. Or better off, DON’T do it.

Hang on right there. Did I also hear that they have a dedicated team in Sydney? Our team have a quick stroll online and have noticed that the Customer Service Hotline that indicates a Sydney number, was basically handled by customer representatives based in Philippine.

Skiddoo Customer Service not in Sydney


Quick review can also be found via Webutation:

Skiddoo Review


The verdict: Our fan ended up getting his flights through flight centre, where he received a cheaper fare treatment, real face-to-face customer service, and with one less possibility of reading someone else’s conversation in your e-mail.

Gossip Tongue advises everyone that if you are looking to travel, book your trip early. It is best to be at least 6 months in advance for international travel, and if you are to start looking now, do some quick fare research and read some public reviews via the following websites:

1. SkyScanner



2. TripAdvisor



3. Kayak



And for those who have minimum spare time for all above-mentioned researches, why not try out FlightFox?

flight fox


Flightfox is a platform for crowdsourced, human-powered, travel. Experts from all over the world compete to find you the best flights, accommodation, tours and more.

With such competitiveness in the travel industry, having an automated and self-powered website has become a well and truly important factor to the now what we called “smarter travellers”. Would users want to spend massive amount of time on an online websites, but end up speaking to their customer service for information? To our opinion, no.


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